Posted on Sep 07, 2022
We are growing in numbers! 
In just over two months, we have successfully added two new members to our club. Welcome to Rotary, Jen McKiness and Steve Towe. You are joining 1.2 million people of action who unite to create lasting change across the globe, in their communities, and in themselves. 
The top two reasons people join Rotary are to connect with and give back to their communities. These are the same reasons members stay in Rotary year after year. But simply joining isn’t going to change lives or make those connections. That happens when you get involved. You’ll shape your own experience and decide how to get the most out of your membership. Our club has a wonderful variety of things you can get involved in to make the most of your experience and we can't wait to share it with you! 
Do you know someone else who would enjoy Rotary? We have a Google Form with our application on our club website. Here is the link:
John Schultz, Membership Chair