Posted on Sep 07, 2022
As we roll into Fall, the Rotary Foundation continues to do great work around the world, the country, and our communities.

To date, Linn County Rotary has donated $580 for the Annual Fund along with $125 for PolioPlus. Two months into the Rotary year, this puts us behind our goals of $7,500 and $1,250, respectively. While we approach this year’s goal of Every Rotarian Every Year, there is no doubt we will gain ground and meet our goals! We just need $25 from each member toward the Annual Goal and we will earn our EREY designation!

The recent polio diagnosis in the United States shines a light on the importance of PolioPlus. The good news is we know it was a solitary case and wasn’t wild polio. But this does magnify and clarify the Rotary mission to eradicate polio. We need to keep working toward that mission and by giving to PolioPlus, the work can continue. When considering the impact of your donation, don’t forget that every dollar donated to PolioPlus is matched with two dollars from The Gates Foundation.

Click on this link ( to go directly to the Rotary website allowing you to donate to our cause. Please don’t forget to log in and get your credit for your donation (and it may help us reach our Every Rotarian Every Year goal). If you aren’t comfortable with donating online, please feel free to reach out and someone can pick up a donation from you or you can mail to the Rotary address below:

Linn County Rotary Club

PO Box 11702

Cedar Rapids, IA 52410