Posted on Aug 02, 2023
Members of our Rotary club rode RAGBRAI, which doubled as a club fundraiser. 
7 days
500 miles
16,549 ft
$513.42 fundraised to use toward RYE and RYLA, two youth programs our club participates
From California to Texas to Wisconsin to Missouri to Iowa, riders joined our club's RAGBRAI Rotary team to cycle this epic ride across the state. Our team endured scorching heat (100+ deg F heat index), headwind, broken shifters, a lost shoe, a big thunderstorm, sunburn, heat rash, and just in general, sore bodies. Despite the hardships, we enjoyed riding through sprinklers, pork chops, corn on the cob, ice cream, tailwind, free water, shade, misty mornings, and sharing with others our love and involvement in Rotary.