Posted on Sep 28, 2021
Why did you become a Rotarian? Why do you stay a Rotarian?
Likely, these two questions have different answers. For some, we perhaps joined because some one asked us to join or told us it would be a great thing to do. However, I doubt any of us stay a member of Rotary because of this, right? I would guess its because of the actual experiences you have and the friends you have made that you stay a member. Its the value it represents in YOUR life.
This month we will be hosting a Rotarians and friends event on October 27th, 5:30PM at Shores Event Center to celebrate world Polio day. We will have details on our speaker soon. However, this is a great opportunity to invite a friend, neighbor or co worker to learn more about Rotary and our primary global project. We will not push to get new members that night, but instead simply introduce new friends to our fellowship, and Rotary through discussion of one of our primary focuses.
I would encourage you to invite them to share in our programs, have fun, get to know our club. In the next week or two we will have details finalized for our program and please try to plan to attend and bring at least one friend to enjoy our gathering. 
If they have a good time...invite them back and see where the path takes them. We obviously want to grow our club, but lets not try to sell our perspective members a product that have not experienced or understood. Lets show them how great our club is and expose them to the opportunity Rotary holds for all of us.
John Schultz, Membership Chair