Posted on Aug 02, 2023
Would you be willing to help out our area’s youth leaders on Sunday, August 27th?
This is a message from Alexandra Harder, Co-chair to NCYL. 
Good Afternoon Community Supporters & Volunteers,
It is that time of year again! We are so thrilled to offer in person interviews for the NCYL students this year!
Thank You:
Many of you have been very generous with your time in helping us out in previous years. I would like to thank each of you who have helped in the past and I look forward to seeing some new faces this year.  Each year brings a valuable experience for our students and interviewers.  Our local division of NCYL is 100% volunteer run and without community support from all of you, the program would not be able to thrive
The Ask of Your Time:
Would you be willing to help out our area’s youth leaders on Sunday, August 27th?   Interviews this year are scheduled for Sunday, August 27th from 1:00-3:30pm at 
Kirkwood - Linn County Regional Center, Room 900 [1770 Boyson Road, Hiawatha, IA 52233].
Please send me an e-mail and let me know if you can make it! 
I will provide additional details as the date gets closer.  Also, bring a friend!  If you are able to recruit anyone else, that would be great (please provide their contact information to me).  
We are in need of 40 volunteers!
A Little Background About NCYL:
One of the goals of National Council on Youth Leadership is to applaud young adults for doing great things!  We are looking to recognize the top leaders—young adults who are leaders amongst their peers as demonstrated through their school, community and other activities.
Sixteen area high schools have nominated students from their incoming senior class to participate in the program.  The nominees have completed written applications.  Each student participates in a 10-minute interview with 2 adult interviewers (this is where we really need your help—and it is low stress, we provide the questions and conduct a brief training prior to the start of the interviews).  Finally, we have a 2-day Youth Salute where students hear from top adult community leaders and participate in a number of fun leadership activities together.  At the end of the Youth Salute, we have an awards ceremony where approximately 30 scholarships are awarded (the top winners also attend the NCYL Town Meeting on Tomorrow, national Youth Salute conference in St. Louis or GLC Leadership Experience in Washington D.C.).
Thank you so much for your consideration and for your support of NCYL! We look forward to hearing from you soon.
Alexandra Harder & The NCYL Leadership Team
Alexandra Harder
National Council on Youth Leadership, Co-chair