Posted on Jun 01, 2022
We are an active club! Read more about some of our recent events and service projects. 
Speaker: Nick McGrath
At our first club meeting of the month, Nick McGrath spoke to our club about Trees Forever. He explained how trees impact the environment, the importance of trees in cities and communities, the work of Trees Forever in CR and Iowa, and the benefits of native trees vs non-native trees in Iowa. Member benefited from a variety of pamphlets, brochures, and booklets with a plethora of wonderful information. 
Here is a snippet of information from one of the pamphlets: 
Native plants provide more benefits for the environment than non-native plants, including better forage and habitat for pollinators and other wildlife. Non-native plants are often invasive and provide little environmental benefit.
Invasive plants, shrubs and trees wreak havoc on ecosystems by crowding out beneficial, native vegetation. These invasive species continue to spread despite efforts to control them. Unfortunately, many of them are still sold in nurseries or are spread inadvertently by human activity.  

Service Project: HACAP
A handful of members helped sort through pallets of food and donated items at HACAP for our second club meeting of the month. We enjoyed the challenge of opening a box, full of a random assortment of products, and grouping the "like" things. At times, our Tetris skills were definitely tested! 

Cans & Bottles
It's officially can and bottle drive season! Our club members pick up glass, plastic and aluminum beverage containers (with deposit) all year from businesses and local residents. 
We use the deposit money to fund projects in the community, from help with food and housing insecurity projects to fostering a healthier environment.