Posted on Mar 01, 2023
This is a section dedicated to get to know our fellow members.
Get to know John Bardsley!
Name: John Bardsley
Hometown: Lived in Lisbon for 47 years, but grew up in Clear Lake
Club Role: Member, Secretary at one time, President a couple of times, been in the club over 30 years
Why did you join Rotary? That's real simple. I was asked twice. I was asked one time to talk to the club about horiculture because I owned the garden center in Mt Vernon. The second time I was no longer working for Collins Radio so I felt as though I had enough time to be a member.
What do you like most about Rotary? I like the programs because they're very interesting and I like the service project that we do for other people. It's very satisfying! And of course the fellowship because it's a good group with good people.
Career: Mainly I worked 25 years as a technician and then an engineer at Collins Radio. Then for 14 years, I owned the garden center and flower shop. Since then, I've worked in the community and volunteered. I did a part-time job as Interim Director with the Chamber of Commerce.
Hobbies: Current: Reading, doing yard work Past: photography, ham radio operator
More About Me: The most interesting job I had was at the Clear Lake Police Department working the swing shift for one year. I ran the desk, answered the phone, did the radio work, and assisted walk-ins. It was very educational! I enjoyed my retirement and working with a lot of non-profits. I've been on the City Council for Lisbon for 20+ years.