Posted on Mar 02, 2022
This is a section dedicated to get to know our fellow members.
Get to know Susan Pfeiler-Todd!
Name: Susan Pfeiler-Todd
Hometown: Cedar Rapids, IA
Why did you join Rotary? To help my community and to meet people that enjoy doing the same.
What do you like most about Rotary? Learning about new things/people/places by providing service.
Career: Something always with educating and selling. (I taught in elementary and middle school for years, worked in market research, and now more of a business development/consulting role - again, all related to teaching and selling!)
Hobbies: Gardening/working on my landscape, taking pictures, doing ANYTHING that involves my kids/family, getting together with friends, and learning new things!!!
More About Me: I am a bit overwhelmed with my life in 2021, but hope to be able to get to calmer waters soon so that I can be more involved again.