Posted on Jul 06, 2022
Welcome to a new Rotary Foundation year with new goals.

Before we talk about goals this coming year, let’s look back at the year that was. In the last fiscal year, we had two primary goals: an Annual Fund goal of $4,400 and a PolioPlus Fund goal of $1,700. If we could reach both goals, we would raise $6,100.

How did we do? Unfortunately, we did fall a little short in our PolioPlus Fund goal, raising $1,071. But even with that small shortfall, we had a very successful Rotary Foundation year. We accomplished this by decimating our Annual Fund goal, raising $6,934. That’s more than our goal total by itself!

So where do we go from here? This year we have set two goals for fundraising totals and one challenge for the Club as a whole. Our PolioPlus Fund goal will drop a little to $1,250; but our Annual Fund goal with increase quite a bit to $7,500. This is far and away the largest total amount for our Foundation goals!

But that’s not our only goal! This year is the year we will become an Every Rotarian Every Year Club. This will be yet another designation for our small but powerful Club! In order to make this happen, we just need a small contribution to the Annual Fund from every member. As we continue to move through this Rotary Year, more details on our progress and on multiple Rotary Foundation initiatives will be provided.

Thank you for your donations last year and thank you, in advance, for helping us put up some big numbers again this year!