Posted on Feb 02, 2022
We are an active club! Read more about some of our recent events and service projects. 
Rotary One Summit
A few of our members attended the Rotary One Summit either in-person (Sat, Jan 8) or virtually (Sat, Jan 15). Keynote speakers overviewed the three key areas in Rotary: Membership, The Rotary Foundation, and Public Image. Members met other Rotarians around the district and discussed in a round-table (or virtual break-out) format what we can do to increase Rotary's impact and reach in our community. 

Speaker: Erin Foster
At our first meeting in January, we had the chance to listen to Erin Foster, Director of the Linn County Mental Health Access Center in Cedar Rapids.  They provide crisis care for people experiencing a mental health or substance use disorder crisis that requires immediate attention.  Erin and her staff have made an incredible impact on our community in the short time they've been open.  Through partnerships formed with other local agencies, they have helped hundreds of individuals and families in crisis - many of whom stated they would not have gotten any help at all without the Access Center.  Working with law enforcement, they have also kept a large number of people out of jail and the emergency rooms; freeing up resources to help the rest of the community as a whole.

CPR Class in Mt Vernon
Did you know that it is recommended to do chest compressions to the song “Baby Shark?” Here's a link to the song so you can get the beat down pat! (And get it stuck in your head for DAYS!)
We all learned CPR to the Bee Gee's "Staying Alive." So why change? Read this blog to learn more.
This past weekended, 30 students learned how to properly administer CPR to unresponsive mannequins. They were trained by the Lisbon - Mount Vernon Ambulance Service trainers. The training was held in the Smith Dining Center in Thomas Commons on the Cornell College campus in Mt Vernon.