Posted on Apr 06, 2022
This is a section dedicated to get to know our fellow members.
Get to know John Schultz!
Name: John Schultz
Hometown: Waukesha, WI
Club Role: Membership Chair
District Role: Youth Exchange Chair
Why did you join Rotary? In 2009, I was a member of the Rotary Group Study Exchange team to Taiwan. It was an amazing experience. When I came back, I was asked by one of my mentors to join the Iowa City Rotary club. I said yes, and it was an amazing experience right from the start!
What do you like most about Rotary? Meeting and making friends with amazing people. I love solving problems and making the world a better place with my friends!
Career: I am President of Schultz Strings and own a few other businesses, but I like creating and growing opportunities and relationships.
Hobbies: Biking, cooking, photography, travel, woodworking, playing piano - one of my favorite things is to learn new skills, so I’m always looking for my next hobby!
More About Me: While I am a professional violinist, I did not start taking private lessons until I was nearly 17. I was planning to go into medicine. However, the fiddle stole my heart, and the rest is history.