Posted on Apr 06, 2022
With World Immunization Week this month, April 24-30, now is the time to show our support for vaccinations around the world.

As Rotarians, we are part of an immunization effort that is at the cusp of eradicating polio; placing us at the front of the vanguard spreading the word and effects of immunizations. One of our greatest weapons continues to be the Rotary Foundation and the Polio Plus Fund. If you are able, please use the link below to help us continue Rotary’s work and to spread the word at a time when vaccines and immunizations are becoming more discussed and important.

Click on this link ( to go directly to the Rotary website allowing you to donate to our cause. Please don’t forget to log in and get your credit for your donation (and it may help us reach our Every Rotarian Every Year goal). If you aren’t comfortable with donating online, please feel free to reach out and someone can pick up a donation from you or you can mail to the Rotary address below:

Linn County Rotary Club

PO Box 11702

Cedar Rapids, IA 52410